A Guide to Choosing the Right Energy Suppliers for Your Needs

Each is then accompanied by an assessment of their various services and reputation

With the recent recession and the growing spectre of ‘Green-washing’ in the media, it has become a popular conversation topic among small business owners to find out which of our country’s main energy suppliers are likely to survive in the future. The answer lies in here! Below you’ll find a detailed list of UK company energy suppliers. Each is then accompanied by an assessment of their various services and reputation, and their key advantages for your company.

Which one of the main suppliers in UK would suit your company best? In order to find this out, it is first necessary to identify the different types of energy suppliers available to you in the UK energy sector. There are essentially 3 main types: those who buy gas & electricity, those who provide you with both (or either) and those who provide both (or either) and those who supply gas only. This would depend upon how much you need to generate for your home, your customers’ needs and what the energy prices in your area are at the time.

the main suppliers in UK that buy both gas and electricity are called Gas Power

As you can see from the list above,  Those who only buy gas can be described as ‘Exchange Gas’. And those who only buy electricity are known as ‘ONgas’ or ‘Onboard Gas’. It is important to remember that some smaller energy companies do not offer any form of combined supply, which means that they only offer gas & electricity, which are known as ‘Unified Gas and Electricity’.

How can you assess the performance of these main suppliers? You can look at the performance charts provided by each energy company to get an idea of how they compare to each other. Also check whether your prospective supplier shows up on the chart when you are doing your research online! If they do not, then you may want to look elsewhere. A good supplier will have a range of key features on their website, which shows how they compare against the other energy suppliers.

A good supplier will have a range of key features on their website

In addition, look for information about the customer satisfaction levels. The better the customer satisfaction levels, the more likely you are to find a good supplier with good value for money. Look for a company that provides easy online account management for both gas and electricity tariffs. This allows you to keep one bill in your pocket and pay all your bills online through easy online account management. You should also look out for low prices and competitive tariffs; both of which are very attractive to customers.

To change your energy supplier quickly and easily, all you need to do is go online, check out the main features of each energy supplier and then decide which one you would like to move to. You can even apply online if you are unsure which company to choose. They will send you an online tariff to check out before you decide which one you wish to move to. With low prices and competitive tariffs available to you, switching energy suppliers is a very attractive option. You can reduce the amount you spend on your energy bills each month by saving on your monthly gas or electricity bill and receiving regular gas and electricity updates from your new supplier.

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