Airplane Accidents That May Lead to Devastating Accident Lawsuits

commercial and private aviation is much different

Airplane accidents can be deadly, injuring hundreds or even thousands of people when they happen. The legal landscape between commercial and private aviation is much different, too. So here are the likely causes for airplane accidents in descending order of likelihood pilot error; mechanical error; weather; aircraft malfunction; debris; other human errors; and aircraft damage caused by collisions. (You should also note that there are some exceptions to these rules, but these are the main ones.)

Although pilot error is probably the least likely reason for airplane accidents, it still takes over half of all cases. Pilot error can involve not just one, but several incidents. Some pilots just plain don’t know what they’re doing and can make bad decisions that result in accidents. In addition, if you’re a new pilot and don’t know the procedures and regulations as well as the conditions of the air, you run the risk of getting into a collision while you’re learning. In general, if you have no flying experience, you should avoid commercial aviation accidents.

Mechanical problems

Another big cause of airplane accidents. Because an aircraft’s controls are so essential to flight, if there’s a problem with them, many problems can result. For example, if the right side engine fails, or the left engine doesn’t start, or some other major component fails, there may be fatalities or serious injuries. These types of failures are usually results of human error, and not because of mechanical failure. But sometimes they do happen, due to mechanical problems.

Weather conditions can also be a major cause of airplane accidents. You may have heard the term “engine failure” when talking about general aviation, but this term applies to just about every type of aircraft accident, large or small. The most frequent cause of engine failure is poor flying conditions, such as low air pressure, clouds, rain, icing, etc. If a pilot cannot operate an aircraft in good air conditions, it will most likely fail soon after take-off. This is why nearly every airport in the U.S. has a designated weather tower where pilots can receive proper training in safe flying conditions.

aircraft accidents are far more common

Airplane crashes are classified as either sexual or non-sexual aviation accidents. Sexual aircraft accidents are far more common than non-sexual accidents, however. Many times, these accidents are caused by a sexual transmitted disease (STD) that was left untreated prior to the flight. In these cases, the virus can be passed on from the infected pilot to all of the passengers on board. There are also several instances when pilots have been prosecuted for having sex with co-passengers; in some cases they face jail time.

Airplane collisions are an all too common part of general aviation accidents, and can even result in death. When you or someone you love has a near death experience, it is important to consult a highly experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in cases involving airplanes. Only a lawyer who has many years experience handling aviation accident cases can provide you with the information needed to determine if your case has a reasonable chance of winning, and what steps you should take next.

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