Beautiful Attractions I Hoped To See When Taking A Tour In Italy

Have you ever wanted to go to Italy but have not yet made the decision?

If so, the best time to go is now. The summer is right around the corner and Italy is one of the top destinations in the world for tourists. A visit to Italy during summer can be extremely hot but still offers a ton of cultural experiences.

I am originally from the UK but have traveled to many beautiful European countries over the years. During my last visit to Venice I took part in one of the most amazing guided day trips. I was on a luxurious tour of all the famous Italian cities; I was shown right through the museums and galleries, past palaces, markets with all the street foods I love, the drinks I enjoy and even learned how to make the food (and drink) I love. It was an experience I will never forget. I highly recommend trying a Venice tour if you are ever in Venice or want to see a different side of Italy.

Here is a short description of some of the popular Italian cities you should definitely check out during your visit:

Venice, the capital city of Italy, is definitely one of the most beautiful European destinations. I would definitely recommend taking a guided tour of Venice, no matter which leg of the Venice path you want to take. There is something magical about walking along the canals with the gorgeous colors and lights of Venice at night. I recommend taking a tour of the Rialto Bridge and visiting St Mark’s Square for one of the most romantic evenings in Italy.

Florence, the capital of Tuscany is also on my list of top destinations in Italy. If you love art and culture, then taking a florence tour is an absolute must-do in Tuscany. I would definitely recommend seeing all the famous places in Florence like Siena, Biberale di San Marco, San Gimignano, Pincio di Montalcino and Santa Croce. On my last visit to Florence I ate at a wonderful little pizza place down the street from my hotel and had a lovely time relaxing with the locals and having a great meal.

Rome is probably one of my favorite cities in Italy

Taking a tour of Rome is definitely a must-do in Italy. The Vatican is definitely a must see during a tour in Italy. I also enjoyed taking a guided tour of Rome as did my wife and daughter. We saw some great places in Rome that we could not stop to take a picture of because we were so overwhelmed by all the historical significance. My favorite part of Rome was during the Collage Square where people assemble to throw collages together and tell their stories.

Venice is another place I always want to include when I plan a tour in Italy. The highlight of my Venice tour was visiting the Piazza di San Marco. There are tons of historical sights to see and beautiful natural wonders to soak up in when on a Venice tour in Italy. I would definitely recommend taking a guided boat tour of Venice as well as a tram or metro ride to experience the many ancient buildings. I would also suggest taking a natural water view tour of Venice as well.

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