Fathers’ Child Custody Rights


Determining who will be the father is one of the most difficult decisions that a father must make. Generally, courts favour the child remaining in a relationship with both biological parents. However there are instances where one parent ought to be awarded full legal custody. For instance, if you’re the father of a child, then it might be possible for you to have full sole custody. Here are several guidelines to assist you in determining who will be the father.


A father plays an integral part in the upbringing and education of his children. Therefore when a parent is not involved in the parenting process, it can create many issues. If a mother is awarded full legal custody, then she has all visitation rights. This means that if she is granted custody then she has the right to have full visitation with the child and with her child’s other children. If the father contests this, he will be responsible for any visitation that he does not attend. In the event of a divorce, then the father would have no visitation rights given to him by the court.

In many states, joint custody is also favored by the father. This is primarily due to the fact that it provides a more stable environment for the child. When a mother has joint legal custody, she is able to keep her child in home with her for the safety of the child. This will provide the child with protection from bad influences such as a father that leaves his child with a single parent. Joint custody allows the father to be involved in his child’s life. This will benefit the child in many ways such as, the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with other children and interact with other people.


It’s important to remember that even if the father is awarded full custody rights, the judge is not required to hand down full custody rights immediately. A father may want to seek full custodial and visitation rights as early as after the separation or divorce. Many fathers want to wait until they have their child and are able to have a meaningful relationship with them before they ask for full custodial and visitation.

If you are a father looking for child custody rights, you will want to hire a lawyer. There are many aspects of a child custody case that only a skilled attorney will be able to guide you through. Attorneys can also help you deal with the other parent’s ex-spouse, their attorney and the judge. A divorce lawyer is well aware of all of these details and is often a great source of advice.


If the father wants a joint physical custody arrangement, the father should attend court custody proceedings. At the court hearing, he must be prepared to provide a substantial amount of information about himself and his wife. This information includes, when he was married, what happened while the marriage was dissolved and any contact he has had with the mother since he got married. Father-son bond proceedings are similar to mother-child bond proceedings. The father must also prove that he can provide the necessary guidance for his child and that he is willing to do so.

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