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Find Out More About Employment Mediation

Employment mediation is a very common method of dispute resolution in Canada. It is an alternative to formal court proceeding and allows parties to agree to terms that are more reasonable than the ones they could have achieved through the traditional litigation process. Employment mediation is usually preferred over other dispute resolutions because it does not require courts, attorneys and other professionals. It also involves less cost for the parties.


Employment mediation can be a positive experience for all parties if handled properly. When properly done, mediation can help create an atmosphere where both sides can get what they want from the agreement without the need for litigation. The parties do have to be ready to share information with one another and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the mediation. A good mediator can help create these expectations and keep them in mind during the course of the mediation.

Employment mediation usually happens when an employment agreement has become dysfunctional and there is no longer an effective way to resolve issues between the parties. It may have started as a personal dispute but has quickly deteriorated into a more serious situation. In this case, it may be helpful for you to seek the help of a neutral third party to mediate the dispute. The mediator will try to find an agreement between the two parties that is fair and equitable to both parties. If the parties are unable to agree, then both sides should proceed with court proceedings to determine a solution to the problem. However, if you and your employee reach an employment agreement during mediation, you may be able to reach an agreement without the need for a lawsuit.


Sometimes a court will have to decide between the parties, especially if the parties cannot agree on key issues. In these cases, the court will appoint a neutral third-party to mediate the dispute. Employment mediation is completely separate from the court proceedings and any legal issues that arise during the employment mediation will not affect your employment agreement. However, some courtiers still prefer to have an impartial mediator to help them draw up the employment agreement. In this case, the mediator will draw up a written agreement that the parties can review before the court.

When the parties negotiate during employment mediation, they are able to come up with an agreement in just a few hours. This means that the mediation process can be completed in less than one day. Therefore, this method of settling disputes has become increasingly popular in recent years. You can also save on legal fees and dispute settlement costs if you use employment mediation.


You can find out more about employment mediation through the resources of your state or the National Mediation Board. This resource will allow you to see what the regulations are for the state in which you live. Also, you will be able to compare the services of various mediators. If you feel that you need help with a family matter, you may be pleased to know that employment mediation is available.

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