Home Maintenance Checklist

Home maintenance is involved in the resolution and diagnosing of problems in a house and is linked to home maintenance plans to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. It is generally considered part of the overall home improvement plan as it involves the fixing of physical problems in a house. It is also involved in fixing any problem that has arisen with the systems of the house such as heating system, air conditioning system, plumbing system and electrical wiring in the house. The services rendered by a home maintenance professional include maintaining roofs, flooring, walls, ceilings, doors, windows and other visible components of the house. Some basic home maintenance activities include inspecting rooms for pest presence, repairing leakages, cleaning and maintaining appliances, repairing cracks, gaps, etc. The services rendered by a professional home maintenance technician should be licensed and insured.

home maintenance


There are many DIY home maintenance programs that can be followed to address minor repairs and maintenance issues. However, to save cost, DIY programs are normally taken up when a larger repair needs to be done. DIY repairs involve the repairing of items and equipment within the house without the help of a professional. Repairs like changing gas light bulbs and washing machine filters require the expertise and experience of a licensed plumber and a home maintenance technician.

Home Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is cleaning. A clean house ensures the safety and health of the homeowner. This in return will increase the resale value of the property as more people would want to invest in a property having cleanliness. A simple dusting and mop-up routine are enough to maintain the cleanliness of the home. But frequent cleaning of interiors and exteriors of the house calls for home maintenance professionals who have the skills and expertise for the purpose.

Another aspect of home maintenance is the keeping of drain pipes clean. Dirty drains can cause blockages, which can result in sewer back-ups and blockages of the sewage system. Leakages in any part of the house can lead to severe dampness and damage to the flooring and furniture. This calls for immediate attention and the immediate installation of drains that are made of high-quality materials and engineering.


Another home maintenance checklist involves the proper functioning of the heaters, air-conditioners and refrigerators. If these appliances break down, it is not possible to use them and the homeowner may have to face hefty costs for replacement. The homeowner must ensure that all the components of the appliances are functioning properly and also has to look into the possibility of maintaining the same by changing the filters regularly.

There are several other aspects of home maintenance that requires the attention of the homeowner. Cleaning of windows, cleaning of the gutters and chimneys, checking the operation of the heater, checking the condition of the flue and the condition of the fireplace are some of the other aspects of the maintenance that calls for the expertise of a licensed and trained home maintenance technician. It is a home guarantee policy offered by most companies to ensure that the homeowner takes up the responsibility of keeping the appliances in good working condition by calling the company to take up the maintenance work for them. The home warranty helps the homeowner to take up the responsibility of repairing or replacing the appliance if it is found defective after taking up the insurance.

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