How much energy you are wasting ?

Energy Monitors Can Tell You How Much Energy You Are wasting

Energy monitors are an essential gateway into your house’s energy systems. They connect to your energy meter to give you information on how much energy your house is consuming and how to make your house more energy-efficient. However, many people simply buy them without learning about their features or their limitations, and never learn to use them to their fullest capacity. When you become more familiar with your energy monitor, you will find that you have many more options available to you, and can better control your energy use.


The first step you should take in learning more about energy monitors

is to consider what they are and how they work. The first type of energy monitors you will find are called smart meters, and they are often located directly underneath your meter. These smart meters can be used to track consumption and determine if there are any energy-wasting practices in place.


With smart meters, you are able to not only track consumption

but also identify what appliances are being used most, and more importantly, why. Many appliances consume more electricity than others, which makes it important to know which ones are burning the most energy. In addition to identifying which devices are taking up more energy, these devices can also tell you exactly how long any particular appliance has been running. This is especially useful if you are trying to avoid excess usage of electricity by turning certain appliances off at night while sleeping. When you turn off an appliance while in the middle of a session of reading a meter, you are actually reducing the amount of energy that the appliance is using.


Some energy monitors run in the background while you sleep

alerting you whenever something changes. They will then let you know if you need to save energy and if not, they will advise you on ways to make use of less electricity. The second type of smart meter that many families are now using is the real time energy monitor. Real time energy monitors are designed to monitor not only the consumption level of your household appliances, but also your electric bill. It records the energy consumption data every 30 minutes and compares it with your estimated monthly requirements. If it detects that your energy usage is lower than your estimated monthly requirements, it notifies you of this fact, and you can choose whether or not you want to pay more for electricity.


These days, it is usually a better idea to pay more for electricity.

Although real time energy monitors may be expensive, they can help you save money in the long run by helping you reduce your energy use in the long run. The only real down side to using one of these devices is that they are unable to detect fluctuations in the power supply. This means that the device may be able to detect when the power is out, resulting in false readings and possibly false alarms as well.


Regardless of the type of energy monitors you decide on,

they all operate by detecting the amount of electricity going through your household. Once this information is fed into the devices, it will be able to tell you how much energy is being spent on your household electrical devices, which can often be much more than you would think. Because of this, you should really consider spending the money that these devices would cost on improving the way that your house is wired in order to cut back on the amount of electricity that you are wasting each and every month.

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