How to Reduce Eye Strain from working at home?

How to Reduce Eye Strain From Working at Home

If you spend most of your time glued to a computer monitor, then you are probably experiencing eye strain. Although computer monitors are helpful, they can also cause serious eye problems if not used properly. Spending too much time behind screens can cause eye strain known as computer vision disorder. Symptoms such as blurred vision, dry eye, headaches, and fatigue can result from straining the eyes.


Everyone blinks, even people who aren’t normally able to.

However, some people blink a lot more than others. People who tend to blink more than normal should try to decrease the amount of time they spend behind a computer screen. You can learn to control this habit by controlling how much time you spend watching TV, using the computer, reading, and other activities where eye strain is common. Simply adjusting the way you focus can greatly reduce the amount of strain you feel while working on a computer screen.


Another way to reduce eye strain is by avoiding overhead lighting.

If possible, use recessed lighting or fluorescent lighting instead of regular overhead lighting. The extra light that results from overhead lighting can cause the eyes to strain because it magnifies the outline of objects. It can also make colors look washed out if you’re using black and white text on a white background. Using fluorescent lighting instead of fluorescent lights can also prevent glare from coming from near surfaces. Recessed lighting is more effective in this area than fluorescent lighting because it comes down from the ceiling.


While using a computer

keep your elbows in and your hands at a reasonable distance from your keyboard and monitor. You can take frequent breaks by moving your arms around your neck. This helps you to prevent eyestrain and repetitive blinking. Frequent breaks between stretches can help prevent eye strain.


To further relieve eye strain

avoid resting your eyes on a flat surface such as a table or desk. Instead, use a lumbar support pillow to position your head so that your forehead is elevated, which reduces strain on the eyes and head. Using appropriate lighting can also help you work longer and relieve eye health problems.


Don’t let the computer screen become too bright.

Bright lighting can make your eyes feel like they’re burning. Also, avoid resting your gaze on any one object for a long period. Repeated movements of your head and eyes can also strain the eyes.

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