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Tips to Save Money When Married

What Happens When You Become Married? Receiving married changes your financial live in many profound ways. It is not only that you are sharing financial responsibilities with your spouse you also do not want marriage to accomplish this as it is also that your financial status changes dramatically. As a result of your newly married status you will find yourself faced with many financial choices. How can you make these decisions when your financial situation is the same as your spouse’s?


The first choice that most engaged couples make when they get married is to maintain the same financial status quo as their spouse. This means that their financial goals are the same and both partners continue to live within the same budget as they had when they were first married. Of course, since one spouse is now a married couple this also means that one partner’s debt and credit score now needs to be considered in comparison to the other partner. In most cases the spouse with the higher credit score is the one who makes the major financial decisions.

This can have a dramatic effect on the newly married couple. If one spouse continues to live above their means, after the marriage of their spending habits may reflect this. They will likely continue to use credit cards and they will likely use their house to secure lines of credit that they already have. In short, they will be forced to live above their means and as a result put themselves into financial difficulty. If one spouse continues to live below their means after the marriage, they will be forced to live above their means by working longer hours and paying more money for the same services and goods. This outcome is what happens to many marriages when one spouse continues to live below his or her means and as a result financial issues develop.


This is not to say that the newly married couple is at fault when this occurs. It is simply to say that as people continue to marry, they become intertwined in finances and as such their financial status becomes intertwined as well. This is a cause for concern for young couples simply because as time goes on, the differences in lifestyle begin to present themselves and one person’s income begins to take precedence over the other person’s income.

Young couples who are planning on living on their own after the marriage, should first establish financial goals and then set specific deadlines for meeting those financial goals. Meet those deadlines and then adjust as the economy changes and these adjustments need to be made. In addition, young couples must also create and maintain a family budget so that each member of the family knows exactly what their household budget will be each month. Establishing long-term financial goals and working to meet those goals are very important to a successful future.


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