Types of Baby Formula

Baby formula, baby powder or simply powdered baby milk or formula, baby formula or first milk or baby formula, is a commercially manufactured food specifically designed and made for feeding infants and babies below the age of 12 months, usually prepared in liquid or powder from the powder, sugar or lactose and other ingredients. Most brands offer baby formula in different flavors and packages, including protein powder. There are also those that sell ready-made baby formula but at a higher price than others. This product is particularly helpful for those families who do not have time to prepare baby food and those on a tight budget as it is often sold in a convenient package.

baby formula


Although baby formula is commercially prepared, the composition is not the same with all types. Most formulas use cow’s milk or human milk and include sugar, water, whey, egg white, fat, salt and various other additives. While some formulas taste more like formula and can be applied immediately, others need to be blended into milks to thicken and make it suitable for baby’s digestion system. Usually, there are no additives, stimulants, or colors added to the formula; it is just basically water and lactose. Most baby formulas use aluminum or potassium hydroxide as an oxidizer to prevent the formation of hydrolyzed fats in the formula.

Types of Formula

There are actually different types of baby formula. One type is soy formula, which is made by using soy beans as its main ingredients. This type of formula is preferred by lactating mothers as it contains less formula milk than other forms of baby formula and is easily absorbed by their infants’ developing body systems. Soy formula is also economical compared to the other two types.

Another type is rice milk protein powder which is usually used for infants below the age of one year. It contains mostly casein, caseinate, whey, corn and egg white, which are the three primary milk protein components. It is readily absorbable by infants’ developing digestive systems. Unlike the soy products, this type of baby formula does not contain any lactose or casein so is suitable for lactating mothers. It is also comparatively cheaper.


The third type is rice milk powder which is considered the best in quality and price. It is more expensive than the other baby formula brands but provides quality baby nourishment even at an expensive price. This is manufactured by mixing tapioca starch and water that make it a pleasant drink for babies. It is completely safe to use compared to breast milk.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with these three types of baby formula for infants. They are all relatively inexpensive compared to breast milk and are very easy to use compared to other commercially available baby formula. With these advantages, it is not surprising that they are widely used by most new parents. Furthermore, it is important to note that these formulas can reduce the risk of developing allergies, health conditions and other diseases that are related to the nutritional requirements of babies.

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