Using a Katana Correctly

Katana swords are traditionally thought of as one of the more difficult martial arts to learn and use. The length of a katana, the sharpness of its blade, and the expertise required to use it, have all been factors that have kept it out of the reach of many. However, in the hands of a skilled swordsman, the katana can be one of the most deadly weapons in any combat.

Using A Katana Correctly


One of the things that make a katana so great is its design. Unlike other bladed weapons, a katana is made up of a single blade and handle, which means that the length of the blade and the handle will fit together perfectly, making it one of the easiest and most accurate martial arts to master. If you do decide to learn how to use a katana, there are a few important things that you should pay attention to before you begin. The first thing that you should think about is its proper use.


Because it has only one blade, a katana is one of the most accurate weapons when it comes to handling and using. It can be held steady by your dominant hand, allowing you to focus on the one motion of the blade. In addition, the katana can be made more precise by having a heavier hilt, allowing it to be swung with more strength, resulting in a quicker motion. This ensures that the katana is always moving correctly, and that your martial art will always be practiced correctly.


Something else that you should pay attention to is the katana’s balance. It should always be balanced on both the wielder’s hands, as well as between the two blades. The balance is especially important if the user is fighting on the floor. If the blade is held improperly, the chances of it slipping off the handle are greatly increased. This can result in an accident, or even the tiniest slip could prove fatal. To ensure this does not happen, the user should ensure that he or she is properly balancing the handle on both its back and front, with the heel of one leg on the bottom, as this is how a good katana is meant to be used.

Another important thing to pay attention to is the proper grip. A katana is not an easy weapon to hold, as its weight makes it difficult to have a firm grip on. The user must learn how to hold a sword with proper technique, ensuring that both hands are placed upon the hilt, with the blade following the natural lines of the body. A good patina user always ensures that he or she is balancing their sword properly before actually drawing the weapon.

One key element that you should also look for is that a katana handle should be securely attached to its blade. Its safety is critical and should be considered when purchasing a new sword. This will ensure that the handle does not become weak and cause the sword to slip out of your grasp.

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