Ways to Monitor Water Consumption

In most cases, these strategies have been designed to meet short-term increases in usage, rather than long-term sustainable goals. This is leading to a host of problems such as overuse and pollution of already limited supplies, increasing costs, and health problems for people who consume large amounts of fresh water on a regular basis.

invest in new technologies

The WMF reports that a majority of water conservation strategies adopted by organizations result in higher costs and reduced efficiency, as compared to those that rely on more traditional approaches. One example of an app that could reduce both consumption and cost is Global Water Intelligence (GHWIM). The GHWIM is a mobile application that allows users to measure how much water they are using in real-time.

monitor usage real-time

For companies that are able to take advantage of this technology, it can allow them to monitor usage in real-time, allowing them to make changes on the fly when necessary without affecting the efficiency of their overall water conservation strategy. The app can also inform companies of any areas that may be lacking in the supply of freshwater, which would require expansion of their water conservation plans.

use different apps 

Another app that may prove useful to businesses and organizations looking to lower their water consumption is Grow Rice Inc.’s Water Smart Phone. The Water Smartphone is a hands-free solution that allows its users to measure their water consumption both when it is used by the phone and when it is not. This makes it easy for businesses and organizations to determine where they are currently in terms of their water usage. By tracking both in terms of consumption and the amount that is being saved by turning on fewer water faucets, the Grow Rice Water Phone can ensure that businesses are not wasting money on unnecessary functions such as the toilet.

track the number of gallons used

Of course, while businesses and organizations may find it beneficial to turn on the Grow Rice Water Phone when it turns off, they can also use the device to turn off the toilet when necessary as well. By tracking the number of gallons used by each faucet, a business or organization can see where improvements can be made in its water consumption strategy. While the phone does not directly perform the same functions that a toilet’s high-pressure spray would, it can still be used to track the amount of water being consumed and the efficiency of its use. This can prove useful if a business or organization needs to reduce its water consumption or if it wants to find ways to make its wastewater cleaner.

reduce the amount of water consumption

In the process, the Grow Rice Water Phone can provide an opportunity for companies and organizations to promote a better water efficiency policy. At the very least, it helps them save money by reducing the amount of water consumption through wastewater leaks, especially on an individual level. From a public policy perspective, businesses can learn how to implement cost-effective water efficiency policies so that a reduction in water consumption occurs over the long run.

use hardware devices

While this might seem expensive, it is important to note that there are many companies out there that offer hardware devices that can effectively monitor a home or an office’s water consumption. The price of these devices varies, however, depending on the type of monitoring that is desired. As such, users of the Grow Rice Waterphone will need to compare prices before settling on a product that offers the best value for the money spent on its purchase.

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