What Are Samurai Swords?

When we look at Samurai Swords we see a legend

That says this kind of sword was chosen by a master swordsman to be his personal weapon. He used it to go into battle and kill enemy soldiers. He did not find time to polish the blade so it would endure for centuries. Each Samurai Sword is unique in its own right.

Traditionally, Japanese Samurai Swords is made from a variety of different kinds of metals. The most common ones are iron, bronze, steel and clay. All have their own characteristics, but they all have one thing in common; the blades must be of excellent quality so that it will stand the test of time.

The blades are forged and finished using special tools so that they will be strong

There are three basic types of Samurai Swords. First, there are the Katana, which is longer and sturdier than all other types. It has a more traditional appearance. Second is the Wakizashi, which is shorter and more easily concealed. It has a simpler design than the katana.

The third type is the Tanto, which is longer and heavier and is more suited for fighting on the battlefield. These three styles of Samurai Swords are each derived from the sword known as the Ninja. The ninja were military men that practiced hand to hand combat and stealth techniques. Because of this they were able to create and build very good quality blades and weapons.

Samurai Sword’s blade must be of the highest quality

So that it will be durable and last for many years to come. This high quality steel is tempered using techniques such as quenching. This process takes an entire sword into a container of water and freezes it. Once the sword has been frozen, it is beaten until it becomes very hard.

After the sword has been cooled it is sandblasted to make sure that the interior of the blade is smooth. After this the sword is ground to make it strong and well balanced. The handle is made of high quality steel and is wrapped with leather. The scabbard, or neck piece, is always made of metal and is inscribed with the owner’s name and the dates that the item has been worn. Samurai swords can be seen all around the world. As long as there are Samurai warriors the Samurai Sword will continue to serve and honor the mankind.

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