What Is A Body Armor And How Can It Help You Save Your Life?

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Body armor, sometimes called body armour, personal defense armory, or vest/coat of defense, is non-lethal protective clothing intended to deflect or absorb physical attacks from a point of contact. It is used in both professional and personal applications. One type of body armor differs from another depending on the material used and its purpose. For example, some forms of body armor are made of thick steel while others are made of lightweight plastic. These various types of body armor were developed after observation of the post-World War I trench warfare experience that Protective Clothing Company soldiers endured, when fighting in the trenches.

In the trenches, these soldiers often wore rubber caps with a bulletproof outer layer made of a heavy gauge steel or aluminum plate. This was their only protection against the high pressures of the gun muzzle and the high temperatures of the hot climates of the trenches. The caps were extremely uncomfortable and in many instances, even dangerous. Modern Body Armor products and systems are more comfortable than the rubber caps of yesterday.

Common types of protective body armor

Today’s modern body armor is a lot lighter in weight than those early protective gears. Often made of lightweight plate materials such as polyethylene, stainless steel, or carbon fiber, these protective layers are then combined with armor inserts that give the wearer additional protection. Common types of protective body armor available to consumers include ballistic nylon, women’s exoatmie, full-body armour, and duty wear plate armor. Each of these types of armor is designed to meet the challenges of the battlefield and will meet the needs of law enforcement and military personnel. Most of these products are customizable to fit your exact specifications.

The most common and basic form of body armor is the ordinary police uniform. The original use of these plates is to stop handgun fire. However, it is also used in other fields like bullet proof vests, combat body armour, and other high-end protection products. Because of this fact, the original citation needed to purchase this product was the amount of money needed for buying an individual piece of body armor.

stylish and high-fashion Dyneema vest

The latest body armor product to hit the market recently is the stylish and high-fashion Dyneema vest. As you can see from the picture on their website, the Dyneema vest is actually made from a material that has similar qualities to protective wear. In addition to using the same material as the law enforcement uniforms, the Dyneema vest is also constructed with high performance polyester fill. The main article of this product is composed of padded soft polyester fill. Other padding materials are also included but these two components work hand in hand to provide comfort and maximum protection. Most of the time, this vest is worn over the uniform in order to provide superior protection.

When choosing bullet resistant vests, it is best to choose products that are certified by the Department of Defense. This certification ensures that the product complies with stringent standards used by the military. Most of the time, the military would prefer that if you are working in the public, you wear a body armor that is bullet proof instead of one that is certified. It is also necessary to choose products that actually have the ability to stop the bullet. If you want to be protected from any bullet, it is best that you get the protection that you need by wearing the correct protective clothing.

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